Isaac Asimov Tankard
The Asimov tankard is now the star of my collection. My only wish is that this example had the robot handle. I purchased this recently from a gentleman who was lucky enough to buy two unpaid storage lockers used by Jim's family after his death. Fortunately for all of us, the gentleman who purchased the lockers, knew who Rumph was, and the gold mine he had stumbled across. Many pieces of the ephemera, original sketches, and photographs on this site originated in those lockers as well as some of the ceramics. Several pieces I either have, or have seen come from those lockers are often slightly different in some subtile way to the production runs of the pieces. What I infer from this is that some of these may be test pieces or personal pieces. has testimonies saying either three or five of these were made, depending on the source. Since I was provided with two photos (see above), one showing Jim and the other an un-named individual, both with handled Asimov tankards, and I myself now have this handleless example, I can only assume extras were made. How many however, is unknown.

Above I have scans of my tankard and the materials that came with the tankard. There are the two photos mentioned above, reference photos used in the making of the tankard, a letter of thanks from Mr. Asimov himself (lightly edited to remove what looks like either major foxing, or clay stains and someone's ham handed attempt to cover some of the stains with white-out), and three Rumph Studio photos of an Asimov tankard that has it's handle. Enjoy!