Party Potato Bong
This is one of two bongs, the Couch Potato and the Party Potato. It has been debated on whether this is a real Rumph or not. I have been lucky enough to purchase a lot of ephemera from a gentleman who purchased at auction, two lockers full of Rumph material. One of the things I got was a flyer for RUMRA Distributors, featuring the "New Rumph Potato Family" I am confident at this point that these are genuine Rumph items.

The second item here is what is called a "plug". It is part of the modeling process. An original is made, and a mold taken from that. Then castings from that are refined, molded again, repeat until satisfied with the product. Then make a final plug and take prouction molds from that one. There are slight differences in this from the final product and it isn't perfect, so it is probably halfway through the design process. An interesting artifact to have survived.