Rumph Catalog
This catalog is listed on the website as possibly being one of a kind. Well, since I have one, that isn't so, but I expect they ARE very rare. My copy unfortunately does not have a cover. From the page I can see that the front cover is the same as the Magic Age of Rumph book, so I used a modified version of that here. However there is an inside cover that can be seen there. I will transcribe what it says. If there was something on the back interior cover, I don't have it.

Hand-Crafted High Fired Stoneware by


     Authentic magical and mystical vessels re-created by a living 11th century sorcerer. Rumph, he of the wise eyes and half-smile. Appears when the time is right to hand-craft the designs using no synthetics. Only the best mother earth had to offer.

     At seances and incantations down through the ages, Rumph drank delights from these very pieces.

     Rumph is white not black magic. Therefore only positive things are forbode as you partake your hot and cold pleasures with Rumph.